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The Aether Revolt has happened and the power is being taken back! Bring your best decks push back against the corrupt power of the Consulate or steal the Inventors’ Fair’s best inventions and brightest minds!

– Unique ‘Aether Revolt’ Game Day “Champion” Ultra Pro play mat
– ‘Oath of Ajani’ mega-oversize promo card
– Standard format 3-card Prize booster packs
– ‘Yahenni’s Expertise’ full-art, foil promo card for top 4 players
– Resistance base wall banners (large & medium sizes)
– ‘Aether Revolt’ Game Day Poster

£2.50 Admission – Click here to purchase your ticket online.

Rankings decided by at least three rounds of ‘Swiss’ tournament play. Final rankings will be decided by points, or points with playoffs, or points and win record as time allows.

Saturday 11th February 2017
4pm – 7pm

Gnash Comics
9 West St., Ashburton
Devon, TQ13 7DT

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