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We have joined up with our favourite publisher Self Made Hero to celebrate their 10th birthday. A decade ago Self Made Hero published its first two books. Since then, they have published over 100 graphic novels, and their list has grown to include graphic biographies, original fiction, gift books and a whole lot more. Their publications have consistently made the best seller list, pushed for the highest standards, and are always a favourite with Gnash customers.

And Now to celebrate we have an amazing offer!
50% off the following 7 titles.

A Conference of Birds RRP £16.99 offer £8.50

This epic poem by twelfth century Persian mystic and poet Attar of Nishapur is retold and beautifully illustrated by Peter Sis. Disillusioned by the troubles of the world a flock of birds journey to the mountain of Kaf in search of their true King, Simorgh. The journey and the search for truth is arduous and not all the birds complete the journey. An allegory that is as profound today as it was when it was written

A Heart of Darkness RRP 12.99 offer £6.50

Adaption from the Joseph Conrad novel by David Kane Mairowitz and Anyanga. A merchant seaman’s casual commission to find Kurtz and his journey upriver turns to horror and becomes a search for truth and answers.  This was a defining fable of the 20th Century giving rise to many re interpretations such as the film Apocalypse Now. This graphic novel adaptation through story and artwork penetrates the depth of the nightmares described in Conrad’s dark journey through the Congo.

At the Mountain of Madness RRP 14.99 offer £7.50

Adaption from H.P. Lovecraft by I.N.J.Culbard and set in 1930.  A scientific expedition to the frozen wasteland of Antarctica. But the secrets unearthed there reveal a past beyond human comprehension and a future too terrible to imagine.  brilliant and darkly dazzling adaptation of a classic that set the bar for all future science fiction and horror.

The King in Yellow RRP 14.99 offer £7.50

Adaption by I.N.J.Culbard of Robert W Chambers interlinked horror stories. This classic work lures the reader into a weird world of insanity and corruption. The King in Yellow has influenced many writers of horror and the macabre including H.P Lovecraft.

Crime and Punishment RRP £12.99 offer £6.50

Adaptation of Dostoevsky novel by Alain Korkos and David Zane Mairowitz. Dostoevsky is considered to be the writer who created modern prose. Following publication of his earliest work Dostoevsky was imprisoned for sedition in 1849 under the regime of Tsar Nicholas 1. Crime and Punishment is one of the first murder mystery stories ever written. Boldly and vividly adapted this upside down who dunnit traces the path of a man above suspicion who ends up informing on himself.

Le Morte D’Arthur RRP £14.99 offer £7.50

Adaption of Thomas Mallory account of the legends of King Arthur by John Matthews. John Matthews is a world authority on the Arthurian legend. This adaption is illustrated by Emmy award winning artist Will Sweeny for Spawn2 and award winning story board artist for Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles 2004

Adventures of Don Quixote RRP £14.99 offer £7.50

Collection of adventures of Don Quixote adapted by Rob Davis. The creator of Don Quixote Cervantes Saavedra was a failure most of his life. But this served to give him the inspiration for the comical character of Don Quixote who never gives up and shows the ever-enduring strength of the human spirit. Rob Davis began his career in comics in 1989 and still feels inspired by the untapped potential of the medium.

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