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We are open 1.30 p.m. to 5.00 pm Monday to Saturday and it’s great to see old familiar faces and new back in the shop.  If you would like the comfort of the shop to yourself or to browse with your group bubble you can Book a Browse- Wednesday and Saturday mornings between 11.00 to 12.30.  Easy to arrange just click here.


Free Comic Book Day all Summer!


Free Comic book Day is usually the first Saturday in May when traditionally comic book shops the world over give away Free comics. As events overtook it this year, there is going to be a “Free Comic Book Day” Summer.  Free comics will arrive over the summer for you to take and enjoy when you visit.  Drop in any time to see what free comics we have here for you.





Magic the Gathering

Sadly we still can’t run any of our amazing Magic the Gathering events instore. But we will run a special session on Zoom last Friday of the Month!  Check-in with us for details.


Books of the Month


By Olivia Sullivan

Book of the Month offer £7.50


(RRP £8.00)

Featured in our Instagram feed this eclectic and beautiful self-published zine is a must.

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Graphic - Novel - BestAltitude

By Olivier Bocquet & Jean Marc Rochette

Book of the Month offer £15.50


(RRP £16.99)

Set against the backdrop of the French Alps, Altitude is an impassioned tale of how physical endurance can help scale dreams and mountain peaks.

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Graphic-Novel-BestSonata Valley of the Gods

By David Hine & Brian Haberlin

Book of the Month offer £16.50

(RRP 17.99)

A tale of the clash of two cultures on a planet they each believe is their Promised Land.

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