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There is of course the one big event in December, Christmas! Late night Christmas Shopping in Ashburton is on Thursday 7 December. Join us for some mulled wine and relaxed Christmas shopping or come to browse, relax, drink wine and escape Christmas shopping. Car parking is free from and there will be music, carol singing and other festive fun around the town. Graphic novels, comics and books make great presents that last. In a recent Guardian article the novelist Zadie Smith when asked what she loved about comics said “ Everything. To me they are like opera or musicals, they provide the satisfaction of multiple media in one space”.

At Gnash there is always something for everyone whatever your taste, journalism, memoirs, history, science fiction, adventure, art books, children books (we stock the wonderful Flying Eye books) and of course your favourite super heroes. If you can’t find what you want either in the shop or online just ask and we can get it in for you, orders usually take 1-3 days. And don’t forget we can order in your non-graphic books as well.

During December we will be celebrating at Gnash with a different special offer every week from December 1. The offers will be advertised in the shop and online here:

Are there events you would like to see happen at Gnash? Then join our conversation about future events including film showings on Gnash community Facebook page.

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