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It has been quiet in the shop this January. This at least has given me some time to read and catch up on new releases and old favourites. I couldn’t resist “Batman One Bad Day: Catwoman” which recently landed and also a revisit of “Rivers” by David Gaffney and Dan Berry, which is one of Gnash Book of the Month offers for February.


Rivers by Dan Berry and David Gaffney














I first came across Dan Berry when I read “Carry Me”which came out in 2012. It’s brilliant, moving story of that overwhelming feeling of protection that a parent has to their child, and I can’t recommend it enough.  So on to “Rivers” where Dan’s influence is strongly felt.

Three quirky individuals, one recurring dream. Delight in the creative genius of The Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head’s creators as they bring you an imaginative & grand depiction of how people relate to one another amidst this digital age of disconnection.

The Internet is a great place to meet interesting and unique individuals!

Gideon is a lonely I.T. developer, obsessed by a comic book from childhood called Revenge of the Ghoulors lives a mostly solitary life, but has a secret crush on his colleague Lisa. Heidi, who works from home and loves to make soup, wishes she had more time for socialising. At 56, Peter is a divorcee with an interesting hobby- delivering classic cars. His home is also equipped with a toaster, and he often reflects on the days gone by.

Even though these three people don’t know each other, they all have the same dream. Will anything change when a platform enables them to connect and share their experiences? Exciting times ahead for sure! What is the common bond that unites these three lonely individuals?

In Rivers, Dan Berry and David Gaffney have skillfully combined multiple story threads (including segments of Gideon’s comic book Revenge of the Ghoulors). This unique tale reflects on how past experiences can connection two people that have never met and come together in a remarkable way.
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Batman One Bad Day: Catwoman  by G.Wilson Willow and Art by Jamie McKelvie
















I just couldn’t resist picking up “Batman One Bad Day: Catwoman”  by G.Wilson Willow and Art by Jamie McKelvie. It is a one shot from DC Comics  and came out in January.

The initial pull for me was  two of my favourite comic creators on one comic. I have been a fan of G Wilson Willow since Ms Marvel and love the sensitive and easy flow of her writing. And who can forget the groundbreaking  series “Wicked and Divine” created by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.

So although I have never really been into the Catwoman mythos this was a comic I just had to read. I chose the cover by Jamie McKelvie, simple, understated even, a  portrait of an empowered woman. The tempo of the comic script keeps that great page turning read going as you dip in and out of Selina Kyle’s, a.k.a. Catwoman, backstory. “History never stays in the past. It follows you and gets closer and closer until you’re forced to confront it” So the story begins as Selina starts to unpick part of her family past and recover a brooch belonging to her mother that  Selina was forced to sell  to raise money for the months rent.

The art work by Jamie McKelvie, he is  both inker and colourist on this, compliments the script  perfectly. The ending with the introduction of a woman who could be  Catwoman’s nemesis leaves you in that sweet place just wanting more,and hopefully this team will be picking up Catwoman again soon.

A few copies of Batman One Bad Day: Catwoman are still available on the Gnash website and a hard back version is out in the summer.


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