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We have picked three very different books for you for February, all at reduced special offer prices just for the month, and all bestselling books and great reads.


V for Vendetta – RRP £17.99 Book of the Month price £16.50
Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd

This graphic novel on the loss of freedom in a totalitarian state was first published in 1989 and still remains hugely popular and a classic must read.


The Trouble with Women – RRP £9.99 Book of the Month price £8.90
Written by Jacky Fleming

A lighthearted take on how women have been treated through history. It poses such questions as “If we were only taught about three women in history at school, what were all the others doing?” And “Can women be geniuses, or are their arms too short?” A great fun read and an enlightening romp through history.


The Can Opener’s Daughter – RRP £12.99 Book of the Month price £11.80
Written by Rob Davis

This is a sequel to the award winning “The Motherless Oven” The tale of Vera Pike’s childhood, and the cruel world of Grave Acre. Her mother is the Weather Clock, the megalomaniac Prime Minister of Chance. Her father is the Can Opener. A darkly inventive and surreal tale.


Please let us know at if you want to continue with any series and we can set up a regular order to be posted out to you each month when you set up a standing order account. This way you can be sure of not missing any of your favourite comics.

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