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This is the first Christmas in two years that hasn’t had a potential lockdown hanging over our heads. So we are celebrating!

A book is always a brilliant present, a gift that can  be both enjoyed on the day & for those dark wintry days later. So we put our heads together and came up with this special list of our best picks of 2022 with a gift idea for everyone.

Gorgeous Christmas wrapping paper comes with each purchase while stocks last.

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To make an extra special present chose from these best sellers that also come with their own limited edition bookplate.


One Dark Knight HB By Jock and Signed by Jock


One night in Gotham, one dangerous prisoner to be transferred and just Batman to make sure it happens. Best Batman story of 2022

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No Surrender PB By the Rickard Sisters

A compelling fiction that’s brings to life the spirit of the Suffragette movement


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Skyward Deluxe Edition by Joe Henderson & Art by Lee Garbett

All Ages: One day gravity on earth almost disappears. Twenty years later Wilma starts to learn the truth about what happened that day.

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Sophie’s World by Vincent  Zabus


The worldwide philosophy bestseller reimagined as a graphic novel.


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The Nao of Brown PB  By Glyn Dillon


Nao has OCD of the obsessional thoughts kind -This is a new edition of a Gnash  favourite.


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Days of Sand HB by Aimee Jongh


Inspired by real life tale during the dust bowl of USA. Unforgettable and beautifully drawn.


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Highly Recommended 




Snow Angels vol1& 2 Written by Jeff Lemire & Art by Jock  signed by Jock


Award winning All ages sci-fi adventure


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2120 by George Wylesol


Chose your own adventure- delightful


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After Lambana- Myth & Magic in Manila by Eliza Victoria & Mervin Malonzo

On the shadowy streets of Manila multiple realities exist . Rated in top comics of 2022 by New York Libary – Snuggle up on the sofa with this.


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Bermuda by John Layman


All ages good read! 16 year  old Bermuda lives on a mysterious  island in the middle of Atlantic where dinosaurs and pirates live, until a door opens between her world and ours.


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Something is killing the children issues 16-20

cardstock covers

by Lee Garbett Signed by James Tynion 1V & Lee Garbett

This set  of comics, collects the back story of Erica Slaughter.  Each comic has a breathtaking variation cover by Lee Garbett & all are signed by both James Tynion 1V & Lee Garbett

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Adora and the Distance by Marc Bernardin


One of our favourite young adult books this year. Adora lives in a fantastical world with pirates, ghosts and a mysterious force called The Distance which threatens her world and only Adora can stop it.


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Young readers love to join Twig on his journey to save the fantastical world he lives in.


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