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2017 had plenty of great comics,and to get to our top ten many were omitted! DC Comics brought out some fantastic comics thanks to top talents Scott Synder , Jock, Greg Capullo, Marguerite Bennett, but this list looks mainly at comics we loved from indy/ creator owned series comics that ran, or started in 2017. So with thanks to all the amazing creators working out there on comics and without more apologies here it is


gnash-comic-graphic-novel-devon-shop-top-ten-winnebago-graveyardWinnebago Graveyard


Written by Steve Niles


Art by Alison Sampson





gnash-comic-graphic-novel-devon-shop-top-ten-beautiful-deathThe Beautiful Death


Written and Art by Mathieu Bablet







gnash-comics-graphic-novel-devon-shop-sun-bakerySunbakery Anthology


Written by Corey Lewis







gnash-comics-graphic-novel-devon-shop-jenny-finnJenny Finn


Written by Mike Mignola


Art by Troy Nixey







Written by Sina Grace


Art By  Allessandro Vitti





gnash-comics-graphic-novel-devon-shop-royal-cityRoyal City


Written and Art by Jeff Lemire









Written by Ray Fawkes








gnash-comics-graphic-novel-devon-shop-mech-cadet-yuMech Cadet Yu


Written by Greg Pak


Art by Takeshi Miyazawa





gnash-comics-graphic-novel-devon-shop-fewThe Few


Written by Sean Lewis and Hayden Sherman









Written by Becky Cloonan


Art By Steve Dillon



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