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Our prices for comics, which come via U.S and Diamond UK Distributors, have been held down since 2016 and we have maintained the most competitive pricing in the comic world despite increased freight and running costs. However, Diamond Comics UK have just announced an increase, due to the falling pound, which will kick in at the end of August. Unfortunately, this time, we haven’t been able to absorb the cost and our comic prices will have to increase from 1st October.

Please note that this only affects regular comics and DOES NOT affect graphic novels or collected series in paperback. We have not done this easily and we want to keep giving you the comics you love at competitive prices.

Here are some ways you can future proof your monthly comic purchases:


Set up a monthly account

For complete flexibility set up an account for your regular comics, just let us know at Gnash what you want, agree a monthly amount which can be topped up or credited back to you if you vary your choices. You get a 5% discount on everything in your account and you can add one off purchases of comics and graphic novels and drop in extra comics to try.

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Get Gnash membership

For a £10 annual fee you receive an extra 10% discount on your account giving you a total of 15%.

For more information and to set up your account email us here >


Preorder online

If you book your comic before the cut off  date usually about 4 weeks before the release date of the comic discounts can be up to 22%. Comics and subscription can be cancelled with four weeks notice. The complete series can also be pre ordered at the discount price.

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Gnash Comic Deals

Get a monthly pack of comics all first in new series or great jumping on point in an ongoing series. There are four options.

Gnash monthly mash up which includes Indy comics

Marvel Or DC Universe options with your favourite superheroes

Kid Friendly

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Don’t forget to check in with us for our special offers, Books of the Month and promotions for great value! 

We can keep our prices competitive with your help please pick up your comic orders and tell us if you don’t want them any more!

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