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We just love reading and talking about Comics, Graphic Novels and Magic the Gathering here at Gnash, and twitter just isn’t enough space to have those discussions.  So now we have set up a Gnash Comics Community “Group” on Facebook. So that everyone can join in the discussions, and share their ideas, and favourite comics. So, click here to join the group (can they or where do they go).

The world of comics, sequential art, graphic novels, call it what you will, is one of the most exciting areas of new talent and ideas. And at the forefront of the drive to push back the boundaries and promote new talent are the Small Press, Self-published and Indy comics.

July at Gnash is going to be all about this contribution that has come from Small Press and Indy publishers who have brought new talent to the fore. Also of course all those who bravely go where not many of us dare, into the world of self-publishing. We have two great books from Small Press on our Book of the month Offer for July, Tillie Walden’s End of Summer from Avery Hill Press and A castle in England by various contributors from Nobrow. We will also be posting information on more Small Press and the National Small Press day over the coming weeks. And to top off the month on Wednesday 26 July from 6.00pm to 9.00pm we will be “Celebrating Small Press” with plenty of free beer!

Magic the Gathering will be a hot topic this month with the new release “Hours of Devastation”.  The world of Amonkhet has come to an end.  As promised, the God-Pharaoh has returned. Unfortunately, the promise of a glorious afterlife wasn’t quite what everyone thought it was. Nicol Bolas has come to claim his perfect Zombie army, and the new abilities in “Hour of Devastation” celebrate Bolas’s greatest triumph to date. All prerelease event tickets include your deck of cards to play with

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