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Our Magic: the Gathering trading card game event programme at Gnash for April 2017. Come and join us!

Casual Play Events: For all ages and abilities, beginners welcome. Free sample decks for new players!
• Wednesday, 5th April – ‘Midweek Magic’ – 7-9pm.
• Wednesday 19th April – ‘Midweek Magic’ – 7-9pm.

‘Friday Night Magic’ events: Mixed levels of play with a diverse range of formats and players:
• Friday 7th April – Weekly League (see below), ‘Frontier’ format Tournament (cards from late 2014 and onwards) – just for fun. 4pm-6:30pm.
• Friday 14th April – ‘DRAFT’ Event – Make a deck on the fly and play to win with 3 booster-pack draft, £10.50. Weekly League. 4pm-6:30pm.
• Friday 21st April – Weekly League, ‘Commander’ multi-player format. 4pm-6:30pm.
• Friday 28th April – Weekly League, ‘Amonkhet’ set release Tournament: Standard Format with new cards! Win ‘Standard Showdown’ 3-card packs, promo cards and posters! 4pm-6:30pm.

Special Events:
• Sunday 23rd April – Exclusive Pre-Release Event – Amonkhet: 4pm-7pm. Competition and prizes. £23 for Pre-release pack.
• Sunday 30th April – Amonkhet Draft Weekend event – Unique promo cards. 3 booster-packs £10.50. 4pm-6:30pm.
• Friday 14th April – DRAFT Event – 3 booster-pack draft, £10.50. 4pm-6:30pm.

All events are FREE to attend unless noted otherwise.
Everyone is welcome to all of our events regardless of experience level with Magic’.
Earn FREE promotional cards just for attending – only available through ‘Wizards Play Network’ locations like Gnash Comics!

‘Weekly League’ runs for 4 weeks during April. Players buy three booster packs of cards (£10.50) and construct a 30 card deck. Wins and losses are tracked over the month with prizes at the end for the highest-placed players and fun certificates for special plays. You can add a booster pack (£3.99) on weeks 2, 3 & 4 or if you suffer three losses.

If you have any questions about any of our events or Magic in general, please get in touch via (01364) 653 835, or find us on social media.

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