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‘Magic: the Gathering’ August 2017 Schedule at Gnash – come and join us – all are welcome!

• Gnash Magic Loyalty Card: Attend three Magic events at Gnash and earn a free loyalty card that gives you 10% off all our Magic products and card gaming accessories!
• FREE Magic packs for new players and returning players at ALL of our events!
• We have special, discounted prices on Magic products on our online shop! Head there now to grab a bargain:
• The ‘Hour of Devastation’ Magic League has started and runs until the 11th of August but you can still join and win great prizes! For £12, you get a unique box & 3 booster-packs of cards to build a deck from and play against other League players. Play as many games as you like at Gnash at any of the events during the 4-week-long league. For each new week you can buy and add another booster pack to your League pool of cards to improve your deck. Top-ranked players get prizes at the end!

‘Friday Night Magic’ – open to all – casual games and opt-in events – 4:00pm-6:30pm
• Friday 4th August – ‘Hour of Devastation’ League, week 3 of 4.
• Friday 11th August – ‘Draft’ game, Make a small deck on the fly and test your creation with this 3 booster-pack draft. Special cards as prizes. £12 to join in. Also ‘Hour of Devastation’ League, week 4 of 4.
• Friday 18th August – Monthly Tournament – ‘Standard’ format (cards from the last 3 years) win ‘Showdown’ prize card packs!
• Friday 25th August – ‘Two-Headed Giant’ Doubles and Trios team games.

Special Events
• Sunday 6th August, 4:00pm – 7:00pm – ‘Hour of Devastation’ Game Day – Win a unique playmat (worth £25), event-unique cards, prize packs and earn a unique card just for coming along. £3.50 Admission.

Casual Play Events – FREE Magic packs for new players!
• Wednesday 2nd August – ‘Midweek Magic’ – casual play – 7-9pm.
• Wednesday 16th August- ‘Midweek Magic’ – casual play – 7-9pm.
All events are FREE to enter unless noted! Earn exclusive attendance cards for FREE, just for coming along!

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