Call: (01364) 653 835

‘FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC’ – Open to all – casual games and opt-in events – 4:00pm-7:00pm EVERY Friday – Free Admission and to play! Special free promo cards!

  • Friday 1st December: ‘Commander’ Multiplayer Format Games – Fight, bargain and bribe your way to be the last player of the group standing!

  • Friday 8th December: Team games – Two-headed giant and trios. Better than charades.

  • Friday 15th December: ‘Christmas Casual’: Anything-goes casual, see friends old and new at FNM and bask in some holiday spirit.

  • Friday 22nd December: Team games – Two-headed giant and trios. Better than charades.

  • Friday 29th December: ‘Ixalan Store Championship’ 5pm-8pm see below!

‘MIDWEEK MAGIC’ – Open to all – casual games – 7.00pm-9.00pm

Free admission and to play! Free Intro deck for new players!

  • Wednesday 13th December: Newbies and experienced players – choose your own format.


  • Unstable’ Set Draft Game – Saturday 9th December – 5pm-8pm – £12 – The new joke set, a decade in the making! Get 3 booster packs, pick cards from them with other Drafters, construct small decks, play to see whose is best. (Or funniest.) Prizes for top-ranked players!

  • Ixalan Store Championship’ Friday 29th December – 5pm-8pm – £3.50 Admission – click here to get your ticket

The new Game Day! Unique playmat, deck boxes & promo cards as prizes! (‘Standard’ Format, legal cards are from ‘Kaladesh’ set / September 2016 onwards.)


  • GNASH MAGIC LOYALTY CARD: Attend three Magic events at Gnash and earn a free loyalty card that gives you 10% off all our Magic products and card-gaming accessories!

  • FREE Magic sample packs for new players and returning players at ALL of our events.

  • More events and formats coming soon, watch this space!

All players of all ability levels are welcome at all of our events, even if you’ve never played before. See you at Gnash!

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