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Saturday 24th September – 1pm-5pm
Cost: £23

Exclusive to Wizards Play Network stores like Gnash Comics, the brand-new chapter of the Magic: The Gathering card game lands with a riot of colour and optimism as the game finally focuses on fiery planeswalker Chandra Nalaar’s home-plane of Kaladesh!

“Welcome to the plane of Kaladesh! Optimism, innovation, and the spirit of creativity fuel a renaissance of innovation. Now, during the celebration of Inventors’ Fair, we invite you to invent your tomorrow… today!”

You can get your hands on this next chapter in the continually-unfolding story of Magic before anyone else and join planeswalkers around the globe as they crack open the seals on the new expansion on the same day world-wide, a whole week before the street release date!

Since it offers unique looks inside the future of the Magic: The Gathering game, this is a pay-to-enter event. The cost will be £21 – much less than other venues and cheaper than online stores – and that will get you a prerelease pack; a beautiful, unique, sleeved deck-box containing; a rare or mythic-rare, foiled, stamped promo card not available anywhere else, 90 sealed cards from the new ‘Kaladesh’ set, a specially-tailored deck-building guide, a unique spin-down life counter die, a unique card divider.

You will then use those sealed cards from the pack to ‘draft’ build a deck to play with competitively at the event!

Booking in advance is recommended as we only have so many packs and slots in the competition, so please don’t delay!


The 1st place winner will get three new ‘Kaladesh’ booster packs to take home and a 2016 Magic sample deck

The 2nd place winner will receive two new booster packs and a Magic Origins sample deck.

The 3rd place winner will receive one new booster pack and a Magic Origins sample deck..

Our last-placed player will get a new booster pack too, to say thanks for taking part, and too bad that their cards they chose or were given didn’t quite work out. (It’s like that in sealed ‘draft’ format sometimes! Though please bear in mind that if we see players deliberately losing multiple times to try and scoop this consolation prize, they will be disqualified.)

We’ll also be giving out boosters as prizes for good sportsmanship, helping out new players and the most insane plays.

Event participants also get a chance to buy ‘Kaladesh’ Intro Packs at the event only, a week before anyone else! This is a great way to get a new theme deck running before anyone else has got a chance to even pick up a booster!

After the general release of the ‘Kaladesh’ set on the 28th of September, we’ll have Fat Packs and Booster Packs from the new set for sale, as well as the new Intro Packs!

And of course, Pre-Release attendees get multipliers on their Planeswalker Points they earn for attending!

Gnash also run Friday Night Magic weekly from 4pm-7pm on Fridays if you’d like to practice before the main event. We run different formats and levels of play and you get free promo cards just for attending!

So see you on…

Saturday the 16th of July from – 1pm – 5pm!
Cost: £23

You can pay in advance over the phone with a card – 01364 653 835 – with PayPal by sending £23 to – by Eventbrite or in person in the shop! Please bear in mind that places are limited!

Any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us; call 01364 653 835 – email us at, Facebook us, or tweet us at @gnashcomics.

Our venue:
Gnash Comics & Graphic Novels
9a West Street
Newton Abbot
TQ13 7DT

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