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This June Take part in our Store Leader Board competition.

The Top Player s who wins the Most Points overall Throughout June wins a prize.

FIRST prize: 3 x Booster packs plus 2 x Ultimate Guard deck boxes

2nd Prize: 2 x booster pack Plus Ultimate Guard deck box.

Play at gnash Comics Friday Night, Wednesday Nights and At Totnes Coffee Couture Monday night. All points count!

* Promo cards Available This Month: Alternate versions of cards from the new Dominaria set; ‘Opt’, ‘Shanna: Sisay’s Legacy’ and ‘Cast Down’.

‘Friday Night Magic’ – Gnash Comics West St Ashburton 4.00pm to 9.00 pm

Special free promo cards! Bring a friend to get more promo cards!

Friday 1st June: ‘Modern’ Format casual – Free to play. 2 x Booster packs for winners

Friday 8th June: Casual Two Headed Giant Games 4.00pm to 7.00 pm – Free to play

Battlebond’ 7pm-9pm – £8.00 to join; price includes your 2 Battlebond booster packs.

2x Booster packs for overall Winners

Friday 15th June: Draft’ event: £12 to join – take 3 booster packs, pick & pass cards and build a small deck alongside other drafters. Play a 3-round competition with your decks to see who made the best one! 2 x Booster packs for overall Winners

Friday 22nd June: ‘Standard Showdown’ Tournament – free to enter, Standard format decks only (cards from ‘Kaladesh’ / Sept 2016 onwards.) Prizes: Standard Showdown 4-rare-card packs!

Friday 29th June: ‘Brawl’ – The new multiplayer format, like ‘Commander,’ but based on the ‘Standard‘ card pool – cards from Kaladesh / Sept 2016 onwards – be the last player standing! 2x Booster packs for overall Winners

‘Wednesday Mid Week Night Magic’ 20 and 27 June!– Gnash Comics West St Ashburton 7.00pm – 9.00 pm Great for newcomers and those wanting relaxed casual games. Bring your own drinks. Bring a friend for extra free promo cards.

Wednesday Night Magic Open House and Casual –

Monday Night Magic at Coffee Couture Totnes TQ9 5DE find Totnes group on facebook “Totnes MTG”

Great for newcomers and those wanting relaxed casual games. Modern and Commander played from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm

GNASH MAGIC LOYALTY CARD: Attend three Magic events at Gnash Ashburton or Monday nights at Totnes and earn a free loyalty card that gives you 10% off all our Magic products and card-gaming accessories!

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