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May is ‘Standard Showdown’ month! The May League runs for the month and is £12.00 to join. You get a box and 3 booster packs of cards to build a deck from and play against other League players. At the end of the month the top-ranked players get prizes! We will be playing league at Friday night magic as well as casual games. There is no cost to joining the casual games.
Ask us for more info!
Friday Night Magic – open to all!
• Friday 5th May – May League plus Casual games 4pm-6.30pm
Friday 12th May – ‘DRAFT’ Event – Make a deck on the fly and play to win with 3 booster-pack draft, £12.00 (includes your 3 booster packs). 4pm-6:30pm.
• Friday 19th May – May League, ‘Commander’ multi-player format. 4pm-6:30pm.
• Friday 26th May – May League, End of the Month Tournament – ‘Standard’ Format, win promo cards and posters! 4pm-6:30pm.

Sunday 21st May – Magic Amonkhet Game Day – 4:00pm – 7:00pm – £3.50 admission – Win champion or 2 runner-up playmats, winners cards and earn event-unique cards!
Mid-Week Magic – open to all Casual games and Draft
• Wednesday, 3rd May – ‘Midweek Magic’ – 7-9pm.
• Wednesday 17th May – ‘Midweek Magic’ – 7-9pm. 

All events are FREE to enter unless noted!
Earn exclusive attendance cards just for coming along!

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