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“The Wolves of Currumpaw” by William Grill

RRP £14.99

Book of the Month Offer price £13.50– there are a limited number of copies signed by William Grill.

The Wolves of Currumpaw is published as an illustrated children’s book but, as all good books do, it breaks the boundaries of definition and is a delightful book for all ages, with a strong message from history that calls for compassion and understanding that is still relevant today. In February 2017, it was awarded the Bologna Ragazzi Award, one of the most prestigious children international book awards.

Set in the late 1800’s in the vast open plains of New Mexico, when packs of wolves still roamed and preyed on settler’s cattle, it tells of the encounter of the founding pioneer of the Boy Scouts of America, and naturalist Ernest Thomas Seton, and a certain wolf called Lobo, the King of Currumpaw. Seton has come to kill Lobo and his pack of wolves for financial gain. It is Lobo though who turns the tables and changes the mindset of Seton, teaching him that the wildness has an important place in our own lives and our part in protecting it.

William Grill has taken this story from Ernest Tomas Seton’s book “Wild Animals I have Known” published in 1898, and brought this moving, and pertinent, story back to life for today’s readers.


A Thousand Coloured Castles by Gareth Brookes

Hardback RRP £17.99

Book of the Month offer £16.20

Myriam is a woman who sees things differently. Strange figures in garish costumes accompany her to the shop. Wild exotic plants sprout from supermarket shelves, and phantom walls rise up to block her path. But when myriad sees a young boy held captive in the house next door she is determined to investigate.

“Revelatory. A true modern visionary” Paul Gravett. “Astonishing, unsettling and strange” Dylan Horrocks


How to Survive in the North by Luke Healy

Hardback RRP £12.99

Book of the Month offer £11.70

How to Survive in the North is based around the true historical journey of Ada Blackjack and Robert Bartlett. In 1921 Ada Blackjack Johnson, an Inupiat woman, joined an expedition to an uninhabited island north of Siberia to claim the island for Canada. Conditions turned against them, rations ran out, and the rest of the team left Ada on the island and set out for help. Ada survived the harsh and terrible conditions until she was rescued. Luke Healy weaves the historical story with a fictional story set in the present day. Equal parts bleak and beautiful, this is a unique visual journey of love and loss that shows the strength it takes to survive in even the harshest conditions. This is a book for young readers but will also hit the mark for adults as well.

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