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As we all head towards Christmas and the lovely things it brings (egg-nog, Fair Isle jumpers, woolly socks and Whamageddon) we are also thinking about how to make sure you get just the right presents for your nearest and dearest, or for yourself! So watch this space and follow us on twitter @gnashcomics to find out more about the best sellers and graphic novels/comics that we think you and your loved ones shouldn’t miss.

At Gnash we have an eagle eye on what’s hot, as well as the years best selling Graphic Novels, and we are on hand to guide you through and help you choose just the right titles. And as if that wasn’t amazing enough, we are giving out £5 National Book Tokens free during the run up to Christmas!

That’s a whole FIVE English pounds that you can spend on your Christmas book buying!!

All you need to do is get yourself down to Gnash and buy a book! It’s that simple.

Any Graphic Novel or Book purchase will qualify for the token, and you once you’ve registered your voucher you can spend it at any bookshop…although we would love it if you came back and spent it at Gnash!

There’s no catch, no subscription or obligation, no nefarious dealings. It’s just good old fashioned generosity from us at Gnash and the good people at National Book Tokens.

Make sure you spend your £5 book token before the 18th December, because after that it won’t work 🙁

But I’m sure you will, because it’s like free money 🙂

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