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On 14 January 2017, Magic the Gathering players will come together at Gnash to take back the power! The back story for this tournament is that the governing body of Kaladesh, known as the consulate, has stolen information and inventions from the Inventors. The Consulate has also brought in strict oppressive rules. Renegade inventors have come together on this day and are joining forces with you to reclaim the power.

This tournament will be hugely popular so be sure to pre-register and get your event ticket early to avoid disappointment. Click here to get a ticket.

If you can’t make the pre-release, then you can still pre-order your pack which will be available on 20 January 2017. Again, do make sure you pre-order early as there are a limited no of packs for sale. If you have signed up to our newsletter, then you can use your Christmas gift code from Gnash to get your pack with a 15% discount. If you haven’t signed up to our newsletter, then do now!

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