A Castle in England


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Written by Jamie Rhodes and art by Isabel Greenberg, William Exley, Briony May Smith, Isaac Lenkiewicz, and Becky Palmer.

This unique graphic novel, from the Nobrow team, explores the history and lives behind five different castles in England, starting with a story about the building labourers working on Scotney Castle and the peasants revolt. Altogether there are five separate stories, which mix fact and fiction, each recreating a snapshot of the castle’s past, from the Medieval to the Edwardian ages. Rising stars from the UK comics’ scene Isaac Lenkiewicz, Briony May Smith, William Exley, Becky Palmer and Isabel Greenberg, provide the artwork. Together they create a visually striking graphic collection that is steeped in historical context. Nobrow publishers burst into existence in late 2008 and have consistently achieved great design, ground breaking art and narrative, and have gained an international reputation for the amazing quality of their books. “A Castle in England” meets all the expectations of their previous publications plus being a wonderful way to engage with the day-to-day history of England. Definitely a book to enjoy over the coming summer months whether or not you actually manage to visit any castles!

“Next time you visit a castle, pause outside for a moment and feel the enormous weight of history before you” Jamie Rhodes.