Avengers Age of Ultron Prelude

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Catch up on your classic Avengers films!
First, relive the historic first meeting between Marvel’s mightiest heroes as Loki’s plot to gain ultimate power sparks a worldwide manhunt, a vicious battle against the invading Chitauri in the heart of New York City and the founding of the mighty Avengers! Next, thrill to an all-new Infinite-style adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! What world-shaking threats have the Avengers battled since their last film? And can anything prepare them for the looming peril of the mad mechanoid known as Ultron? Plus: Thrill to classic adventures as Ultron manipulates the Vision, conquers a nation and battles the Avengers! Collecting MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS #1-2, AVENGERS CINEMATIC INFINITE COMIC #1, AVENGERS (1963) #57-58, AVENGERS (1998) #22 and AVENGERS (2010) #12.1.
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