Black Science Volume 1


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written by Rick Remender and Art by Matteo Scalera and Dean White
The first volume of this vivid science fiction comic sets the pace from the first page. “It wasn’t until I’d met everyone else’s measure of success that I realized I’d failed myself.” So, Grant McKay, the leader of the Anarchistic League of Scientists, breaks all the rules and delves into Black Science, and sets out to build a machine which punches through dimensional barriers so he can travel to alternate dimensions where he doesn’t mess up. The machine ‘The Pillar’ allows him and his family and a team of other ‘dimensionists’ to move among the many layers of reality and each layer represents an immeasurable number of realities that, together, constitute every possible choice made in the universe. Grant hopes that this can be a gateway and key to solving every problem that humankind has. The problem is that the Pillar has been sabotaged, and as a result, they have no control over when and where they are transported. As they bounce through alternate dimensions they encounter aliens, and alternate versions of themselves, while also discovering the mysteries of the Eververse. Artist Matteo Scalera and colourist Dean White create the haunting atmosphere and visual onslaught that help to make this series so good. One of the best science fiction comics of the decade. Try volume 1 of this series and I promise you, you will want more.