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Cabalistic Inc. – The Complete Collection


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Written by Gordon Rennie & Art by Dom Reardon

Caballistics Inc is a horror fantasy story, set in the present day, that has been running in the weekly comic 2000AD since December 2002. The strip was created by writer Gordon Rennie and artist Dom Reardon (the latter of whom has been the sole artist on the strip since its inception)

The Complete Caballistics Inc pulls together the entire run of Gordon Rennie and Dom Reardon’s powerful and captivating occult narrative.  Originally appearing in 2000AD from the years 2002 to 2007, this strip has often been voted as one of the highlights of recent 2000AD narratives.  The collection also includes the final footnote to the series which appeared in the recent Christmas prog of 2018, a powerful twist to the narrative which serves as the final entry in this chilling series. This is a hefty 300 pages of battles with angels, demons, zombies, gunshots and dismemberment and a few surprising and effective nods to Doctor Who along the way.