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Cassandra Darke


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By Posy Simmonds

Posy Simmonds is the creator Tamara Drewe, Gemma Bovery and famous for her cartoon strips Mrs Weber’s Diaries and has won international awards for her work.

Cassandra Darke is an art dealer, mean, selfish, solitary by nature, living in Chelsea in a house worth £7 million. But in Cassandra’s basement, her young ex-lodger, Nicki, has left a surprise, something which implies at least violence and probably a body . . . Something which forces Cassandra out of her rich enclave and onto the streets. Not those local streets paved with gold and lit with festive glitter, but grimmer, darker places, where she must make the choice between self-sacrifice and running for her life.

‘Simmonds’ drawings are exquisitely observed, and seamlessly incorporate text messages and online news reports. Her muted palette, with occasional splashes of colour, is absorbing and in the curmudgeonly Cassandra…Simmonds has produced another character that comes living and breathing off the page.’ – The Financial Times