‘Core Set 2020’ Yanling Planeswalker Intro Pack for Magic the Gathering


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Magic’ goes greatest hits as the Core Set 2020 includes reprints of popular cards from the past, plus brand-new cards too!

The ‘planeswalker’ we focus on in this set is ‘Mu Yanling, the Celestial Wind’.

This is a blue mana planeswalker in a blue mana deck. Mu Yanling relies on her quick wits and elemental magic to travel safely through strange, dangerous worlds. Disrupt your opponents with spells as your creatures fly over their defences.

There is also a Core Set 2020 booster pack inside the planeswalker deck to provide cards to power-up your deck with.

Pack contains;
– 60 card, ready to play, pre-constructed deck
– 1 15 card booster pack
– Ashiok deck box
– Strategy Insert
– 2 Reference cards

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