Fog over Tolbiac Bridge


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Paris, 1950s. Nestor Burma’s past comes knocking when a young gypsy woman leads him to a hospital where he discovers a recently deceased old buddy from his anarchist days. While Burma has chosen to move onto the (more or less) straight and narrow as a private eye, his friend had stayed on the other side of the law as a counterfeiter and worse. So now it’s up to Burma to avenge his friend, keep the girl safe, and hopefully unravel a mystery whose roots run far and deep back into the past. This is the first of four major graphic novels adapted by Tardi from the legendary French crime writer Léo Malet’s original Nestor Burmanovels, each set in Paris. Tardi’s stylish use of mechanical grey tones provides the book with a lovely period feel which, combined with Tardi’s usual obsessive visual research, gives it a uniquely personal, authentic quality. Jaques Tardi is a highly acclaimed  French comic artist  whose many prolific works earned him, in  January 2013, nomination  for  a Chevalierin France’s Legion of Honour, the country’s highest distinction. However, he turned down the distinction, citing that he will “remain a free man and not be held hostage by any power whatsoever.” “Fog over Tolbiac Bridge” is a cracking good detective yarn. 


“On Tardi’s page, the world has weight”  New York Review of Books