Goya The Terrible Sublime


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Written by El Torres  & Art by Fran Galan

Francisco de Goya, was a Spanish romantic painter and printmaker, who throughout his long career was a commentator and chronicler of his era.  Goya the Terrible Sublime covers the later years of Goya’s life, and his Black Paintings, when his own illness and violent wars changed his approach to his work.  Goya’s repeated scenes of rape, torture and mutilation reflect  the atrocities of the war around him, and are in sharp contrast to his earlier work.   This book is  an insightful look at one of the most important Spanish artist of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Fran Galan sets the tone with his dynamic art work which captures the changing moods of Goya so well. Personally I loved this book and would recommend it to  art and comic fans alike.