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Graphic Science Seven Journeys of Discovery


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by Darryl Cunningham
Much is known about scientists such as Darwin, Newton, and Einstein, but what about lesser known scientists – people who have not achieved a high level of fame, but who have contributed greatly to human knowledge? What were their lives like? What were their struggles, aims, successes, and failures? How do their discoveries fit into the bigger picture of science as a whole? Overlooked, side-lined, excluded, discredited: key figures in scientific discovery come and take their bow in an alternative Nobel prize gallery, including Antoine Lavoisier, Marie-Anne Lavoisier, Mary Anning, George Washington Carver, Alfred Wegener, Nikola Tesla, Joyce Bell Burnell and Fred Hoyle. Darryl Cunningham is a British Author and cartoonist whose award winning, fact based books include “Science tales” “Super Crash- How to Hijack the Global Economy” and “The Age of Selfishness.
‘Darryl Cunningham’s simplicity of style is deceptive. I never fail to learn from his work, always educational and deeply human too. This is the sort of book you think you have bought for your child, then refuse to give up until you have finished it first. Buy two copies to be on the safe side’ Robin Ince