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Hilda and the Midnight Giant


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The blue-haired heroine’s first full- length adventure now in Paperback!

Hilda is a little girl with the uncanny ability to befriend even the most peculiar of house guests. But when an army of little creatures bombard her living room with stones and eviction notices, she has to think twice before making the acquaintance of these diminutive creatures. After sunset, even stranger things start happening. Who is this giant who only appears at midnight, and why is Hilda the only person who can see him?

Under duress and in growing fear of losing her beloved family home, Hilda sets off an adventure to secure her birth right and find out who, if he even exists, is the mysterious Midnight Giant.

This brand new paperback edition offers a fresh chance to read this classic adventure in Luke Pearson’s ever-popular series of magical Hilda adventures.