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Home after Dark


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Written by David Small

A masterful story telling of a coming of age journey.  Set in America in the 1950s it opens with a young boy, Russell, standing alone staring at a Christmas Tree while his parents fight and argue. His mother leaves and then, with his father,they set off for a new life in California. This feels like a familiar scenario  and could be the start of many coming of age stories. But then page by page, the reader is taken slowly out of their comfort zone. Russell struggles with  his father’s machismo parenting, and  seeks friendship with another misfit. Their short time together has tragic consequences. This book  deals with the impact that Russell’s behaviour has  on others  as well as loss of self esteem the he suffers at the hands of bullies. David Small’s light touch both in his drawing and writing leaves much to the readers imagination, as Russell swings between his hopes and dreams and the underlying brutality of day to day life.  This is certainly a book that is going to make its mark as one of the best graphic novels of 2018! David Small is author of New York Times best seller graphic novel Stitches and lives in Michigan U.S.A

“David Small’s long awaited follow up,to his best selling Stitches is a poem in pictures, evocative and heart breaking” Jules Feiffer

Publication date 26 october

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