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Extra free cards when you buy a box of boosters; extra bonus sealed legendary kaiju ‘box topper’ card, ‘Godzilla King of the Monsters’ foil card, an Ikoria Premium Promo Pack, a normal Ikoria Promo Pack & a full set of 5 ‘Theros’ foil basic lands.

36 boosters plus special free cards. Sealed booster pack display.

It’s a tense time on the plane of Ikoria, creatures are mutating and hybridizing more than ever. Drannith, the largest sanctuary on the plane, is being attacked on all sides.

Lukka, one of the protagonists, is part of the military and is charged with keeping cities safe from monsters. But it turns out that he has a mystical connection, a “bond” with them. And this is the one of the central conflicts of the story.