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‘Theros: Beyond Death’ Ashiok Planeswalker Intro Pack for Magic the Gathering


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Magic’ goes mythic as the world’s most popular trading card game returns to the plane of the multiverse known as Theros. A mediterranean earthly paradise of gods, demigods, grand heroes and mythological creatures, all modelled on Ancient Greek Mythology.

The ‘planeswalkers’ we focus on in this set are Elspeth the noble the paladin and the sinister Ashiok, weaver of nightmares.

‘Ashiok, Sculptor of Fears’ is a blue-black mana planeswalker in a blue-black mana deck. Ashiok is a strange, enigmatic being with the power to torment foes by conjuring their darkest memories, fears and regrets. Fill your graveyard playing area – along with your opponent’s – for massive comeback impact as you slowly drive them insane!

There are also 2 booster packs inside the planeswalker deck to provide cards to power-up your deck with.

Pack contains;
– 60 card, ready to play, pre-constructed deck
– 2 ‘Theros: Beyond Death’ 15 card booster packs
– Ashiok deck box
– Strategy Insert
– 2 Reference car


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