Manfried the Man


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by Caitlin Major & Kelly Bastow

“Manfried the Man” turns the world of owning a pet on its head; this is a world where cats take on human characteristics and own small men as cute pets. Steve Catson is a humanlike feline who lives alone, has a dead end job, and aspires to be a cartoonist. Steve takes in Manfried the man as a stray for company, but like all pet owners Steve finds himself adjusting his daily life around his demanding pet and it’s weird man behaviour. As Steve focuses on getting his own life together Manfried runs away. Steve commits to putting all his resources into trying to find Manfried and discovers new worlds of stray men rescue centres and the desperate heartache of searching for his lost pet. This is a story that works on different levels; fun, emotive, and full of those recognisable moments that cat owners’ share, made even more hilarious when the roles are transposed. The illustrations work wonderfully to keep you enthralled as the story unfolds. This quirky and hilarious story is a must good read for summer! Caitlin Major is a Toronto-based comics writer and colourist, and Kelly Bastow is an illustrator and her autobiographical comic “Year Long Summer” was nominated for an Ignatz award.

“An entertaining and often laugh-out-loud twist on reality.”—Foreword Reviews

Published by Quirk Books Paperback