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‘Mat Pod’ Play Mat Tube by Ultimate Guard


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We love these play mat tubes here a Gnash and we know you do too. Ingeniously designed, extra sturdy carrying tube for all standard-sized play-mats. The perfect protection, also for any other rolled prints, posters or artwork up to 38 cm width.

– Pop-up cap for quick access
– Removable closing cap
– Sturdy and robust material
– Sturdy loop at top of tube, ready for a carabiner
– Water-resistant*
– Material: Polypropylene (cap) / Eco-friendly PET (tube)
– Dimensions: 39.8 × 6.6 × 8.5 cm

*Protected against accidental exposure to water. Will withstand rain and brief immersion in water.

We currently have the following colours in stock, see our gallery;

  • Clear green, opaque black lid and green button
  • Clear blue with opaque blue lid and blue button
  • Opaque black with black lid and yellow button

Please let us know in your order comment which colour you would like.