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Monstress Volume 1


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Written by Marjorie Lui and Art by Sana Takeda

“Remarkable: a beautifully told story of magic and fear” Neil Gaiman

The series is set in a matriarchal world inspired by early 20th century Asia, and tells the story of Maika Halfwolf, a teenage girl who shares a mysterious psychic link with a powerful monster.The background to the story is a war between the Arcanics, magical creatures who sometimes can pass for human, and the Cumaea, an order of sorceresses who consume Arcanics to fuel their power. Maika is an Arcanic who looks human, and who is set on learning about and avenging her dead mother. Maika’s left arm has been severed and a demon occasionally emerges from its stub. The demon taking over her body and mind is both source of great power, but also great challenge to understand and control.

Liu first introduced the story to Takeda in 2013. The two started working together a year later, and the first issue was published in November 2015.