‘Game Night’ Standalone Set for Magic the Gathering


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Do a group of you want to get started with the Magic the Gathering (“MtG”) card game? This is the perfect place to start, all out of just one box.

Game Night is a portable, accessible, social Magic experience. It’s perfect for board game meet ups, or any invested Magic fan who wants to share their hobby with uninitiated friends. It’s an easy way to introduce ‘Magic’ in the familiar, self-contained form of a board game. Also great for family gatherings or old friends catching up.

Grab one of the five decks – one each for the five colours of mana in MtG – and you’re off to a flying start.


  • 5 ready-made, 60-card decks
  • 5 Spindown life counter dice
  • 5 life counter platforms
  • 20 ‘+1/+1’ counters
  • 15 double-sided token cards
  • 5 rules reference cards
  • 1 rulebook

Watch a youtube video of the ‘Games Night’ group playing this very same set – courtesy of Magic’s creators Wizards of the Coast here.

  • CHOOSE A NIGHT & GATHER AROUND A MAGIC GAME: Up to 5 players can play instantly with this unique multiplayer starter set.
  • READY TO PLAY: Includes 5 x 60 card ready decks, 5 life trackers, 20 counters, 15 double sided tokens and 1 rulebook.
  • START PLAYING MAGIC: Game Night is a great entry point for uninitiated friends, with balanced decks each made from one of the five Magic colours and a guide to learn rules.
  • BRING MAGIC ANYWHERE: This board game comes in a sturdy and portable box so you can take this around for a sociable night of card games.
  • MIX AND MATCH: the decks can be interchanged so you can easily build your own decks for endless replay-ability.