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– 4th Place winner: 1 ‘Theros: Beyond Death’Booster pack.

– Last place: Consolation ‘Theros: Beyond Death’ Booster pack.

All players will receive a ‘foil’ holographic ‘Kenrith: Returned King’ promo card & a 4-card promo card pack (while stocks last) just for attending!

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On Sale from 19th January 2020
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Sunday 19 January start doors open at 1.45 pm

Magic enters  the mythical world of Theros. Threros is a world where the gods are real and exist in the realm of Nyx, seen as the night’s sky in the mortal realm. The gods have a tangible effect on the lives of the mortals of Theros, and in turn mortal belief shapes the gods. Nyx is connected to the collective unconscious of Theros, and the gods reflect mortal belief. Outside of a handful of exceptions, neither the gods nor the mortals of Theros are aware of this connection.

£26.50 for Pre-Release Pack & Tournament with prizes (see below).

Pre-Release Prizes –

– 1st Place winner: Goodie Bag, 4 ‘Theros: Beyond Death’ Booster packs.

– 2nd Place winner: 3 ‘Theros: Beyond Death’ Booster packs.

– 3rd Place winner: 2 ‘Theros: Beyond Death’Booster packs.