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On Sale from 27th September 2019
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All welcome Pre release starts at 6.00 pm prompt. warm up games 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm

Years in the making, the newest set for the Magic the Gathering trading card game heads to the unexplored plane of Eldraine and focuses on fairy tales! Stories straight out of The Brothers Grimm, Arthurian legend and folklore abound in this new set that’s both atmospheric and has loads of appeal to everyone. Play with cards from this new set before the street-release date at this exclusive event organised in partnership with Magic’s Wizards Play Network.

Your Pre-Release pack contains;

– 6 brand-new ‘Throne of Eldraine’ Booster packs (90 cards total).

– A ‘spin-down’ life counter 20-sided dice.

– A deboss metallic stamped, ‘foil’ holographic Mythic-Rare or Rare Throne of Eldraine card.

– A deck-building advice printed insert

– Card divider

– Deck box

Build your deck from your Pre-Release pack and then play a 3-round Swiss Tournament.


– 1st Place winner: Goodie Bag, 4 ‘Throne of Eldraine’ Booster packs.

– 2nd Place winner: 3 ‘Throne of Eldraine’ Booster packs.

– 3rd Place winner: 2 ‘Throne of Eldraine’ Booster packs.

– 4th Place winner: 1 ‘Throne of Eldraine’ Booster pack.

– Last place: Consolation ‘Throne of Eldraine’ Booster pack.


All players will receive a ‘foil’ holographic ‘Rienne Angel of Rebirth’ promo card just for attending!