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By Benjamin Read Chris Wildgoose

Porcelain: Ivory Tower sees another decade passing, and Lady becoming Mother. Hidden behind the high walls of her tower, cut-off from the world, she has sacrificed everything to keep her Children safe.

Set within a world that’s a magical echo of our own, Ivory Tower is the story of Mother, a revolutionary, who must overcome ruthless enemies and the dark secrets of her past to carve a new future for all her Children…

This story and this character means everything to Chris and me. We are both endlessly fascinated by her,” says Benjamin Read.

“In this chapter, Lady has become Mother, both to daughters and a nation she has helped create. We see the family she’s built around her, and the lengths she’ll go to protect them. It’s the next great trial, in her grand and terrible life, and in it we will see the scars that she leaves on the world, and those it leaves on her in turn. There’s a cost to everything, especially freedom, and it’s time for her to pay.”

Expanding on this, Chris Wildgoose said, “I’m hoping that for our readers, the world of Porcelain will be opened up even more for them. The whole scope and background is larger, the stakes are higher, but at its core it is still this intimate story of a woman using every power available to her to keep the peace, both on her side of the wall that she has raised and on the other.”

“Most victories come at a heavy price, but for our heroine, as ever, she is just as fierce and just as snappy as that Child we met in the first book; she always has another trick up her sleeve.”

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