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Sabrina has gone missing; her family and boyfriend are all thrown into a world of uncertainty and tragedy. The book looks and feels beautiful, soft lyrical artwork and a slow moving story that lulls you into a false sense of security.  Each page allows us a little more insight into the family and circumstances of Sabina’s disappearance and then a video about her disappearance goes viral on social media. Throughout something feels so wrong as the characters seem unable to engage directly and deal with the tragedy, and this disconnect grows as social media takes hold. But this is the core of the novel, the muted horror of how we live now and our inability to deal with life immediately around us. Nick Dranso draws us gradually into this world which seems at first innocuous, after all it is a world that we live in every day, and then with each page we turn the world he describes  feels more alienating. A truly brilliant book. Hard Back .

Sabrina is the first Graphic Novel to be nominated for the Man Booker Prize

Nick Dranso lives in Chicago and has been nominated for various awards as well as winning the LA times Book Prize for best Graphic Novel for his debut novel “Beverley”

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