Sweet Tooth Book 1


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Written and Art by Jeff Lemire

Seven years ago the Affliction raged killing billions. The only children born since are part of a new breed of human-animal hybrids. Gus, Sweet Tooth, is one of these children. Sweet Tooth lives in isolation in the forest, that is until the day he is attacked by hunters looking for as prize prey. Sweet Tooth is rescued by a stranger, who promises to take him to a sanctuary for hybrid children. Sweet Tooth learns to trust the man Jeppard as they cross the dangerous dystopian land. This is a vision of a post-apocalyptic fate of humankind, a bitter sweet tale of hope loss and betrayal. It grips you from the first page, and the purity and innocence of Sweet Tooth is contrasted by the violence around him. But where there is innocence there must be experience and growth. “This is the kind of book that rewards multiple viewings. A book of infinite revelations” Michael Sheen (actor / director) “Bloody and gentle all at once… brilliant” New York Magazine

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