How to talk to Girls at Parties


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written by Neil Gaiman, Gabriel Ba, and Art by Fabio Moon
It tells of two boys, Enn and Vic, 15 years old and high on the possibility of meeting or even being shown interest from young women, who gatecrash a party; the confident Vic intent on kissing the prettiest girl there, the nervous Enn anticipating ending up “in the kitchen listing to somebody’s mum going on about politics or poetry or something”. They arrive, a pulsing musical bassline reaching out into the street, the house irresistibly filled with only young women. So not a very exceptional story line except the girls at the parties are in fact aliens. This quirky twist creates a strange and at times sad story and the sweetness of the story is perfectly matched with the vibrant watercolour and art work of Brazilian brothers Gabriel B and Fabio Moon.