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The Bad Bad Place


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By David Hine & Mark Stafford

It seems that Faraway Hills, the modern community built on the site of the far, far older Crouch Heath, did not satisfy all the needs of the community. When the Castavette Estate reappeared on the edge of town, years after it had been demolished, those needs, those urges, those cravings were satisfied. But what price will be exacted by The Bad Bad Place? David Hine and Mark Stafford, the team responsible for The Man Who Laughs and Lip Hook, bring a new tale of dreams turned dark, and a mother’s soul blackened with revenge.

A graphic novel that engages fro the first page and takes you on a dark twisted journey.  Love that fact that this graphic novel draws you in from the first page when Jenny insists on bypassing all the warning signs that shout “turnaround” and decides to stay in the dream new town gone bad.