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The Ghost Script


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Written and Art by Jules Feiffer Hard Back

The final part of the trilogy Kill My Mother, and Cousin Joseph.  A crime thriller that pays homage to film noir by  the award winning Jules Feiffer.  Feiffer says that he never meant the trilogy to be political but it is clearly greatly influenced by Feiffer’s own experiences of the un-American Activities Committee during the McCarthy period. Fast moving and fun Ghost Script is a wonderful read on its own or as part of the trilogy. Feiffer is a master of sequential art and he takes us effortlessly on a story of betrayal and revenge with plenty of twists to the plot to keep the tempo fast moving and totally engrossing. The characters are created with both empathy and insight that ensures they keep our attention and the plot stays believable. Jules Feiffer is a satirical cartoonist, screenwriter and author, born in 1929 in New York City.