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The Lady Doctor


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By Ian Williams

Lois Pritchard is a GP at there Llangadida health centre.

Practising GP Ian Williams provides us with another humane, pertinent and very funny look at life in a Welsh surgery in this eagerly awaited follow-up to his much-acclaimed graphic novel, The Bad Doctor.

Dr Lois Pritchard is a salaried partner at Llangandida Health Centre with Drs Iwan James (subject of The Bad Doctor) and Robert Smith. She also works two days a week in the local Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) clinic. She is 40, currently single, despite the attentions of her many admirers, and is, by her own admission, ‘not very good with relationships’. When her estranged mother makes a dramatic appearance on the scene, demanding a liver transplant, Lois has to  confront her loyalties and make some hard decisions.


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