The Nameless City


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By Faith Erin Hicks

Every nation that invades the City gives it a new name. But before long, new invaders arrive and the City changes hands once again. The natives don’t let themselves get caught up in the unending wars. To them, their home is the Nameless City, and those who try to name it are forever outsiders. The book tells the story of Kaidu, a young member of the Dao ethnic group, the latest in a series of occupiers. Kai arrives in the Nameless City from the Dao homeland for military training, but in the first few stunning, action-filled panels, Hicks, who won an Eisner Award for “The Adventures of Superhero Girl,” reveals him as less a fighter than an explorer. Wandering the sometimes dangerous streets, he runs into Rat, a native who loathes the Dao masters. Though Rat is mistrustful, Kai’s natural curiosity wins her over. When Kai witnesses Rat’s skill at parkour, he asks her to teach him. Predictably, a friendship blossoms.

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