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‘Theros: Beyond Death’ Collector Booster Pack for Magic the Gathering


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Magic goes mythic as the world’s most popular trading card game returns to the plane of the multiverse known as Theros. A mediterranean earthly paradise of gods, demigods, grand heroes and mythological creatures, all modelled on Ancient Greek Mythology.

This is one of the new ‘Collector Booster’ packs, aimed to supercharge you pack-cracking experience with variety and flair.

Pack contains 15 foiled game cards including;

1 rare/mythic rare card with extended art
3 special-frame cards (‘showcase’ cards or borderless planeswalker cards)
1 foil rare/mythic rare
9 foil commons/uncommons
1 extra card (a new card that doesn’t appear in normal boosters, for instance, cards from Planeswalker decks)
1 foil token

Released January 2020.