Wytches Bad Egg Special


Top team Scott Synder & Jock with a Wytches Special for Halloween

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Written by Scott Synder  & Art By Jock

Serving as both a stand-alone story in the Wytches world and a prequel to the highly anticipated Wytches  Vol. 2, “Bad Egg” tells the story of Seb and Jackson-two innocent teenagers reared on opposite sides of the eternal struggle between good and evil.  Sebastian’s mother is a member of “The Irons,” the most ruthless Wytch hunters in history, while Jackson’s family are “High Horn” Wytches. Can these two boys find friendship amidst this age-old blood feud, or are their fates already sealed?

Signed by Jock.

Please note we sell comics that we love  for reading and enjoying, they  are not graded comics.  If you require a signed graded comic then please use another site, graded and signed comics will usually cost £40 upwards

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