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All Star Batman 6 – £3.80
Written by Scott Synder art by Jock, variant cover by Jock

If you haven’t been reading this series yet, then now is a good time to start. “Cold to the Core” is a new story line, where Batman travels to Alaska to confront Mr. Freeze and his attempts to bring humanity to a new ice age. Jock is joining Scott Synder working on this one so you will see another of the Dark Knights rogues like you’ve never seen him before. Hard to see how this could disappoint so be sure to preorder early as bound to be in huge demand. This is DC superhero comics at their best.


The Few – £3.80
Written by Sean Lewis & art by Hayden Sherman

In a dystopian future in America, possibly not too far off, two survivalist brothers stumble across an unlikely sight of a woman asleep in the woods holding nothing but a gun and a baby with a gas mask. The fight is on for what is left of America.


Lucifer 14 – £2.99
Written by Richard Kadrey and art by Lee Garbet

New York times best-selling author and dark fantasy veteran writer Richard Kadrey plus the greatest art work from Lee Garbet combine in this twisted fresh start to the series.

These will be signed copies by the artist Lee Garbet.

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