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Judge Anderson Dead End One shot  – £18.00 (note price)

by Alec Worley and Paul Davidson. On sale 24 May

Jock limited Variant cover (sorry sold out)

We will only have two of these special covers available. The art work for them is not available yet but once available we will put it up on the website and both copies will be signed by Jock himself.

Newly certified Judge Anderson is straight back into the deep end with a case that brings up old fears.


Stained – £2.99

by David Baron and Yusuf Idris. On sale 3 May

5- part Sci Fi series from Indy publisher 451 Media Group. Emma is a bounty hunter, taking down international diamond smugglers but a fairly routine job searching for a priceless painting takes her to a much darker place. An Indy comic that really looks promising. The core story is not that unusual, a female bounty hunter in the future in a dystopian society fights to survive. But this female bounty hunter Emma feels like a believable character, we care about her and the writing is spot on.

Cover by Jock, signed by Jock.


Calexit – £2.99

by Matteo Pizzolo and Amancay Nahuelpan. On sale 31 May

California breaks away for the rest of the U.S.A to escape a tyrannical president. From Indy publisher, Black Mask comes this what if scenario that sounds like it could be probable.


Bug the Adventures of a Forager – £2.99

by Kiwi Smith, Kurt Lustgarten and art by Naomi Franquiz. On sale 10 May

From the new DC imprint “Young Animals” comes this buzzing six-part reality twister. The Forager breaks out of his hive and goes dimension hopping to save the fabric of reality with a group of characters pulled from his own nightmares.

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